Friday, September 25, 2009

Widara Payung Beach

Widarapayung beach located in District Member is currently providing a new adventure of surfing. Although currently very limited in number but guaranteed you will enjoy a very exciting adventure. Feasibility Widarapayung Beach as a place for surfing has gone through a survey by a foreign institution which states that the surf beach for surfing Widarapayung feasible and meets the standards of the world surfing. This beach along the local residents to provide a surfboard (surf) that can be used to practice surfing for beginners. Widarapayung beach can reach by using buses or the Department of Cilacap use personal vehicle / bicycle / motorbike because it is located in the southern causeway. From the east across the border kebumen (Beach father) - Cilacap (Beach Jetis) Bridge crossing bodo time - towards the west - to the location of the road on the left. From the west: from the City of Cilacap - Adipala - To the east to the district. Newbie - reach the location on the right path. From the north: from Purwokerto to Kroya - from rising transportation department Kroya Member - directly to the location.

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