Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kawi Mountain ,Malang, East Java

Gunung Kawi is a volcano in East Java, Indonesia, close to Mount Butak. Gunung Kawi, located west of Malang city is a tourist attraction that needs to be visited when we were in East Java because of its uniqueness, this tourism object more accurately dubbed the "city in the mountains". Along the road we will see a building with architectural buildings typical of China, where there is a temple / pagoda place to pray or perform ritual Confucius typical. Usually Tionghoa people visit this place on certain days for religious rituals such as begging safety, giam si, ci inlet. There are many unique things related to the belief that we can find in the mountain Kawi, One of them is a tree which is said to believe when we fall of the fruit, then we'll get a fortune. On certain nights will be plenty of people who sit under this tree. Besides trees, there are also grave Djoego Mbah, a hermit, who was also very guarded by local residents.

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