Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mpu Tantular State Museum,East Java

Mpu Tantular State Museum is a museum in the city of Surabaya, East Java. The museum is managed by the Technical Implementation Unit at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Establishment embryo Mpu Tantular State Museum is a cultural institution founded Stedelijk Historisch Museum Vaber Soerabaia by Von, a German citizen Surabaya, in 1933, which was inaugurated on July 25, 1937. Efforts to expand the museum conducted by obtaining a new building at Jalan Simpang (now Jalan Pemuda 3 Surabaya) and financed by funds collected from the community. Tata room of this museum has a collection room, library, office space, auditorium. To improve the lead museum, many held Vaber Von international relations. But before his goal is achieved, Von Vaber died on September 30, 1955. After the death of Von Vaber, the museum is not maintained, collection, collection many damaged and missing. Then the museum is managed by the Public Education Foundation. In 1964, the museum has obtained funding from the Foundation, Prof. Dr. M. Soetopo. After the establishment Museum Directorate in the Ministry of Education and Culture, Government attention to the museum which is managed by Public Education Foundation to be more serious. Museum of Public Education in general was opened on May 23, 1972 and inaugurated with the name "Museum of East Java". Next comes the initiative to submit it to the Cultural Institute of Local Government of East Java Province. In the process penegerian, Public Education Foundation in cooperation with representatives of Museum Development Office Department of Education and Culture. With the issuance of Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture dated February 13, 1974 Number 040/C/1974, Museum of East Java State Museum status. The inauguration is on 1 November 1974 with the handover of the Chairman of the General Education Foundation for Culture R. Banu Iskandar to the Director General of Culture Prof.. Dr. I.B. Mantra. The next museum was inaugurated in East Java with the name "State Museum of East Java Mpu Tantular" with the location in Jalan Pemuda 3 Surabaya. Because of the growing collection, in mid-1975 the Museum moved to a larger place that is at Jalan Taman Mayangkara No. 6 Surabaya, which was inaugurated on August 12, 1977 by the Governor of East Java Sunandar Priyosudarmo. .

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