Saturday, October 31, 2009

Api Mrapen,

Mrapen Located on the edge of the highway Purwodadi - Semarang, located 26 km from the city Purwodadi. Precisely in the village district Manggarmas Godong. In this complex there is some freak of nature that you can enjoy: the eternal flame is a fascination keluarya arising out of the ground fire that was never extinguished even though it rained. From this place also drawn fire for the lighting of the torch in the activities of international sports party (GANEFO i) on 1 November 1963. This eternal flame used to light the torch GANEFO which opened on 10 November 1963 in Jakarta, as well as the national sports week (pounds) or for the holiday Vesak ceremony. Sendang dudo: is a is being located near the eternal flame, where the water always looks hot but not boiling water burst when it is lit in addition to ignite the natural peculiarities above, is also stored dikomplek a stone base or 'stone weight' the local community sacred. Anyone who just came in there and strong lifting stone weights while sitting person will be granted every request. Land location is the fief controlled by the professor Supo offspring residing there until now. Based on the developing story, the place in the past is besalennya masters supo. The eternal flame is a place to burn the iron, the water source to "gild", was a stone weight to the forging heirloom keris. These masters khabarnya Supo is master of participating majapahit moved to the Kingdom of Demak. In this mrapen kliwon Friday nights are always crowded by pilgrims visited purposeful course other than cruise

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