Monday, October 12, 2009

Hutan Monyet Pusuk,Lombok,Indonesia

Pusuk which means the peak, the forest area of Rinjani, Lombok, a haven for tourists, both foreign and domestic, to some tourist attraction in northern West Lombok, such as Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Terawangan, District Winner. In daily life, according to local narrative, the monkeys in the forest Pusuk not just search for food in the woods, but some are down the road, expect that deliberately giving visitors to mingle in place. The monkeys are seen on the street seemed to also have to understand if there are visitors who pulled over his vehicle. The travelers will usually give nuts or other food to the monkeys clustered along the highway. In addition, can also to Sendanggile Waterfall, Senaru village, Bayan subdistrict, which is a gate climbing Mount Rinjani (3726 m). In Pusuk there are hundreds of monkeys who are always loyal lane road waiting to be fed by a passing motorist who crossed a winding street-kelok.jalan in pusuk does look like the top area that offers a different sensation for driver and tourist asing.hutan lush protected and natural sound accompany the monkeys that line the roadside. Deservedly called Pusuk Pass .. do not forget to bring bananas if visit to Pusuk

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