Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ritual Sedekah Laut,

Various kinds of events can be done to give gratitude to God Almighty, for all the favors and gifts received during his life. Sea alms ceremony is one manifestation of expressions of gratitude made by the Group of Fishermen Sidakaya, Donan, Sentolokawat, Tegalkatilayu, Lengkong, Pandanarang, PPSC and Kemiren. The tradition stems from the sea alms commands to the Cilacap Regent III Tumenggung Tjakrawerdaya III who ordered the elder fisherman named Ki Pandanarang for Menawi arsa melarung its offerings into the sea south of the other fishermen on Friday Kliwon months Shura in 1875 and since 1983 was appointed as a tourist attraction. Sea alms ceremony before the day of nyekar preceded by a procession or pilgrimage to the Coral Coast Bandung (Majethi Island) east southeast of the island of Nusakambangan made by the head of the Fisherman customary Cilacap and followed the various groups of fishermen and the public to ask God Almighty to catch fish in abundant harvest of fish and the fishermen were given salvation. Besides mengambl ceremony also nyekar holy water / magic Majethi around the island, according to legend Wijayakusuma where growth rates. The ceremony is preceded by a procession carrying the offerings (Jolen) for throguhout to sea turtles from the Gulf Coast from the Pendopo Cilacap Cilacap Regency headed toward the Gulf Coast Turtle accompanied the procession and followed Tunggul Jolen, Jolen Jolen other accompaniment by a procession participants Fishermen dressed in traditional indigenous Cilacap District tempo first. Arriving at the Turtle Bay Beach offerings later in the move to the boat fisherman who has been decorated with colorful decorations for the waste of ocean in the region ketengah small island called Pulau Majethi. In the evening event continued with performances of traditional arts in every village / village by a group of concerned fisherman.

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