Saturday, October 31, 2009


The mosque is located in Jengglong Purwodadi. Founded in 1752 by K.H. Konawi. At that time the city was still in Grobogan district led by the Duke or the Duke Puger Martopuro. While Purwodadi at that time still largely a swamp - swamp by KH Konawi founded a break / mosque stage. K.H. Konawi himself died during the return from the pilgrimage and was buried on the island of Saylon / Sri Lanka while his son KH Burham continue his Islamic religion in bersyiar Purwodadi. Violate community was named violate KH Burham. Then, by H. Wodjo Karyoso broken then restored to break gede KH Burham on October 28, 1991. Then in 1992 the mosque K.H. Burham and on the front porch again expanded to accommodate a growing congregation. Part of the building is maintained is a four pillar of, geladag floor (thick planks of teak) and carved front porch and the door is now placed within ukirnya while the door is placed in front of the priest ukirnya. Drum contained in the mosque K.H. Burham is the largest drum in the district Grobogan made of wood without the connection. For Muslims who came to Purwodadi do not forget to pray in this place because many blessing you will get Insyaallah.

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