Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baju Bodo from Bugis Makassar,South Sulawesi,Indonesia

Bodo-shirt is a shirt Bugis-Makassar tradition worn by women. While Lipa 'sabbe is silk gloves, usually patterned box and is used as a subordinate bodo clothes. It was said long ago, there are rules concerning the use of clothes bodo.
1. Orange, worn by women aged 10 years.
2. Orange and red colors of blood used by women aged 10-14 years.
3. Blood red for 17-25 years.
4. White color used by the host and the shaman.
5. The green color is for the princess royal
6. Purple worn by widows.
In addition to the use regulations that bodo clothes, once too often found to Bugis-Makassar woman wearing a dress shirt Bodo party, such as at the wedding. But this time, this traditional dress has increasingly eroded by the changing times. Bodo clothes now marginalized, replaced by a modern kebaya, evening gown that she fashionable, or dresses are more simple and follow the trend.

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