Monday, October 26, 2009

Rondo Island,Indonesia

Rondo Island is the outermost island of Indonesia which is located in the Indian Ocean and is bordered by the Indian state. Rondo Island is the northernmost island of the territory of Indonesia and is part of the city Sabang, Aceh province. The island is located in the northwest of the island of Weh with coordinates 6 ° 4 '30 "N, 95 ° 6' 45" longitude. ISLAND DATA Rondo The distance of the island of Sabang = 19 nautical miles Island Size = 4 Km2 Has a steep gradient beaches with beach-forming material in the form of stones and rocks. No. There are reference points. TR. 177 06 04 30 N 95 06 45 BT are in pairs in the area of the flare tower which is used to recall the basic point. TR condition is still there today but it was not readable anymore. In addition there is a monument Marines TR TNI AL. Round the Island Rondo = 2.5 km The length of the west - East = 0.894 Km The length of the North - South = 0.651 Km Highest point = 120 mdpl (elevation data is not fixed because of errors in measurement. To these points will be cross check with other existing data as well as checks on the satellite image maps and Google Earth) Apart from the reference point Dishidros (Janhidros now) there are also points installed by surveyor mapping team on the north side of the beach. KM point = 0 Pulau Rondo 6 04 418 N 95 06 943 BT The landing place of Rondo Island = 6 04 547 N 95 07 126 BT Breakers installed on the east coast to dampen the waves. Installation location Inscription = 6 04 266 N 95 06 896 BT Location Sulfur = 6 04 382 N 95 07 219 BT Location tower Suar = 6 04 395 N 95 07 065 BT In general, Rondo island beaches and reefs of rocks, but in some places there is also a sandy beach. A steep beach makes the area very thin edge even if the tide, the waves breaking on the body of the island. Rock-forming materials of the island into a lot of big chunks and landslide-prone. On the southeast side of the island further south there is sulfur, and on the west side there is coal. Special Coal can not be sure that there are at puau Coal content, as this could have come from the abundance of large ships through the waters of many Rondo. This is necessary for a deeper study with the experts involved. Rondo vegetation of coconut trees, ketapan, palm, rattan and bushes. But look too hard trees. Fauna that many see the birds, like crows eagles, gulls and a few other types. Monitor lizards and snakes are also common, especially at the edge of the island. Almost all around the island have current strong and rooted, it is difficult for ships or boats docked or anchored. In the surrounding waters and meeting current Rondo Rondo does not make any time to visit. However, in the waters around the Rondo a path large vessels leading to the Straits of Malacca or out of the straits of Malacca

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