Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bluduk KUWU,Grobogan,Indonesia

Bluduk KUWU Located in the village district Kuwu KRADENAN 28 km. To the east of the city Grobogan Purwodadi. Kuwu bramara Sightseeing is the charm of natural beauty. Strangeness in this tourism object is a spark - spark mud containing salt water and it goes on and on, leading to natural landscape was amazing, but it was located quite far from the sea. It is said that according to folklore, the absurdity of it caused by the hole that connects it to the southern ocean. The hole itself came from way back Joko dazed from the sea south to the kingdom medang kamolan after carrying out the task to handle the King of the Gods Cengkar has turned into a white crocodile in the southern ocean. And it made tangible Joko dazed dragon as a condition to be recognized as dazed Joko son Aji Saka. There is the assumption / belief that people around bleduk be a place to swear the oath it would be very unusual result. For example, if there are two people at odds about something that they own - confess their own righteousness - itself can be completed by sworn bramara in place. The existence of the salt content was placed by the local people used to make traditional salt water by drying in glagah (bamboo is split into two), there are also carrying the mud to take home bramara mud allegedly made skin scrubs on the skin to avoid skin disease and seemed more brilliant to have healthy skin. So is bleduk sights in the district Grobogan very interesting for your visit.

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