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Museum Prabu Geusan Ulan,West Java,Indonesia

Heritage objects and historical heritage items Ancestors Sumedang, since the Kings Royal and the Regent Disallow Sumedang-regent who ruled first Sumedang District, a collection of great pride and meaning for us all, especially for families Sumedang. Collection of these objects are stored in the Prince Sumedang Foundation since 1955. Arises an idea, want to demonstrate to the community and the people of Sumedang outside Sumedang in general, that at first there Sumedang empire Sumedang Disallow: Empire, by seeing things Kings heritage and so on. The idea was met with full confidence by the family, then planned to make a museum. After the preparations were held mature and well-planned, five years after the newly implemented in 1968, precisely on 11 November 1973 Museum of Family standing. The museum was given the name Prince Sumedang Museum Foundation, and managed directly by the Foundation Prince Sumedang. In 1974, in Sumedang History Seminar held by historians as West Java and followed a historian of Sumedang Prince Foundation, the seminar discussed the museum's name Sumedang. Proposed name of the museum is a character in the history of Sumedang, it is agreed a final Disallow Sumedang King who ruled the Kingdom of the year Sumedang Ban 1578 - 1601, the King Geusan Oeloen. Then the name of the museum into the Museum of King Geusan Ulun with a new spelling to facilitate a new generation to read. The building is used for the museum Srimanganti Building, Bumi Kaler, Building and Building Gendeng Gamelan. In 1980, the Government through the Department of Museum and Antiquities Department of Culture of West Java, reached up and restoring Srimanganti Building and Bumi Kaler. On Wednesday, April 21, 1982, the Director General of Culture Ministry of Education and Culture, Professor. DR. Haryati Soebadio, inaugurated and handed over the two buildings are completely restored to the Foundation Prince Sumedang and shading under momenten Ordonnatie Number 19 Year 1931 (State Gazette Year 1931 No. 238). King Geusan Ulun Museum located in downtown Sumedang, 50 meters from the town square to the south, adjoining the House or the State Building crooked and dealing with government buildings. The distance from Bandung, 45 miles, while the distance of 85 kilometers from Cirebon, Bandung distance of 1 hour, while from Cirebon 2 hours. Museum King Geusan Ulun walled / wall is 2.5 meters high, made on August 16, 1797. Size Museum pages covering 1.88 ha, with decorated gardens and planted with rare trees. Buildings in the vicinity consists of:
Founded in 1706, during the reign of Dalem Tumenggung Tanoemadja year from 1706 to 1709. Establishment of the building planned by the Prince Panembahan who reigned from 1656 - 1706, which once invaded by the army-paramilitary Cilikwidara cs from the combined forces of Banten. Since completion, the government moved to a new area called Regol. Since then Srimanganti be building homes and offices by the regents tempo first. As for the family built the Bumi Kaler.
Building crooked / State Building Founded in 1850, during the reign of Prince Soeria Koesoemah Adinata (Prince Soegih) from 1836 to 1882. The building was erected on his land for the purposes of official ceremonies, retreat for guests from Jakarta when visiting Sumedang. Page Building hooked wide enough, in front of gardens created and planted with various fruit. In the western part of the gamelan Stage set for storing the ancient gamelan. In the back of the west, now SMP Negeri 2 Sumedang display stables and a place to store the trains, including trains Dragon pivot. While in the back of the building created a large pool called the Pond, a deep level and cone-shaped bamboo. Dam On the edge of the Pond, built Bale Kambang, resting place for the families of the Regent and the Great guests, while fishing with Gamelan Buhun entertained or Degung. The reign of Prince Aria Soeria Atmadja from year 1882 - 1919, fish in the Fish Pond Kancra replaced, so the fish farms Kancra the weight can reach 10 or 15 pounds. Kancra fish are taken each month Mulud Birthday party for the purposes of Prophet Muhammad which is distributed to the poor and so on. Bmi Kaler Founded in 1850, during the reign of Prince Soeria Koesoemah Adinata (Prince Soegih) from 1836 to 1882. Faced with the Earth South, unfortunately, during the reign of Prince Aria Soeria Atmadja (Prince of Mecca) South Earth dismantled since the age of rotting food. Kaler made the whole earth from teak wood, and on the pole shape typical Sundanese people's homes. With the rooms and the rooms spacious, while the windows and doors up high. Foundation House Prince Sumedang Founded in 1955, Prince Sumedang Foundation which manages the Aryan Prince Soeria Endowments Atmadja and Museum of King Geusan Ulun tombs also like: Grave Mountain Quail Grave Gunung Gede market Ciung Grave Mount Linga Grave Dayeuh Luhur Grave Manangga Grave Panday At Sunan - Karedok Grave Nyai Mas Gedeng Waru - Cigobang Great Elephant King's tomb - Cicanting, Sukamenak Village, District Darmaraja Great Cow King's tomb - Cipaku, District Darmaraja Building Gendeng Founded in 1850 and renovated in 1950. The building was originally made of: Red floor Cubicle walls Teak pole Roof A place to store heirloom items, weapons and ancient gamelan. Gamelan House Founded in 1973 by the Regional Government Sumedang the contribution from the Governor of Jakarta Special Region, Mr. H. Ali Sadikin. The building was designated a place to store gamelan and a place to practice dance. Lumbung Padi Rice barn originally located outside the fort at the edge of the Pond, for safety and then moved into the complex in the fort. Barn is used a place to store the results of the rice paddies Prince Aria Soeria endowments Atmadja Rice is used to contribute wargi-wargi who could not afford, until now recorded some 180 families who donated, the amount of nearly 12 tons per month. And maintenance purposes heirloom-inheritance, endowments and the preservation of all endowments Prince Aria Soeria Atmadja.

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