Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pantai Cermin,Medan,North Sumatra,Indonesia

Mirror coast in the east coast of Sumatra island facing the Strait of Malacca. It is located 45 Km from Medan to Siantar (9 Km from Simpang Tiga Perbaungan) from Sei Rampah (the capital of Serdang Bedagai) distance 25 km. Access to the beach is very good mirror. Road conditions are quite wide and smoothly paved road to make this tourist area is comfortable. The journey from Medan to Mirror Beach can be reached by car or motorcycle with about 45 minutes. Starting from Simpang Tiga Perbaungan to the direction, visitors will enjoy the coolness because the left and right road there is farming land with oil palm and cacao. Coastal tourism area is very large mirror is equipped with various facilities such as, camping areas, relaxing cabins, souvenir stalls and parking lots and entertainment stage. Structuring water park theme park location is very interesting and beautiful soothing impression for every visitor. While berwista in this tourist attraction every visitor can see from the activities of the fishermen catch fish in the sea. The white sand along the beach into a fun place for visitors to relax, camping and flying kites

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