Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Batang Gadis National Park, Mandailing Natal,North Sumatra,Indonesia

Batang Gadis National Park (TNBG) is a national park in Mandailing Natal (Madina), North Sumatra, is located at 99 ° 12 '45 "BT up to 99 ° 47' 10" and 0 ° 27 '15 "up to 1 ° 01 '57 "N and the administration of the village is surrounded by 68 in 13 districts in Mandailing Natal. This national park's name comes from the name of the main rivers that flow and split Madina District, Sungai Batang Gadis. TNBG area covers an area of 108,000 hectares or 26% of the total area of Madina is located at an altitude of 300 s / d 2145 meters above sea level with the highest point Sorik top of Mount Merapi. Through Decree No. 126/Menhut-II/2004 Minister of Forestry, TNBG endorsed as a National Park. TNBG consists of a protected forest, limited production forests and production forests remain. Protected forest area converted enable 101,500 ha, consisting of the Register of protected forests of Batang Gadis I 4, 5 woods Register Batang Gadis II comp I and II, Register 27 Batang Natal I, Register 28 Batang Natal II, 29 Disclaimer Upper Register and Register 30 Batang Parlampuan I already established as a protected area since the days of Dutch rule in the period 1921 to 1924. While the production forest area diverted include ex HPH PT. Gruti, covering 5500 ha, and PT. She Aek Timber 1,000 ha. The purpose of national parks is to save wildlife and natural habitats. TNBG also as a symbol of recognition of the values of local wisdom in managing the forest. The formation of this national park is not solely the government's efforts alone, but the effort among the public and NGOs such as, BITRA Indonesia, Conservation International Indonesia (CII), Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI) North Sumatra, Indonesia PUSAKA, Yayasan Leuser Lestari (YLL), Foundation for Ocean and others.

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