Saturday, October 31, 2009

Telaga Ngebel,Ponorogo,Indonesia

Water tourism object is located 24 km to the northeast toward Ponorogo from the north. This area has a panoramic interesting. On the slopes of Mount Wilis to the height of 734 meters above sea level, the air was cool. The average temperature of 22-23 degrees Celsius. Toward Lake Ngebel not difficult. Ready to take public transportation from AAU Sub Terminal Terminal Ponorogo Jenangan, Ponorogo. Travel from Ponorogo takes 45 minutes. If the Madison nearly 1 hour without touching this reog city. Once out of Madison could through Mlilir or Dolopo. The latter is the paradise of durian at a low price due to a direct take from the garden. Lake with a surface area of 1.5 km and surrounded by 5 km of road is a source of fish for local residents. Fish placed in rows and rows of pool. Every morning and evening, the owners keramba busy feeding the fish. The number of lay keramba here around 900 managed 12 groups. Fish are planted indigo, Wader, and mujair. For those who do not have keramba, pond fishing is a fun place. Many fishing activities conducted in the afternoon. Usually they sit on the edge of the lake a long time while waiting for the hook-hook mounted fish eaten. See Fish from Near Around the lake by land surrounding the lake is fun. But try the water around the bus. There are two water buses with a capacity of 20 passengers who are ready to deliver around the lake, saw keramba close. Water bus tariffs are relatively inexpensive. With Rp 5,000 per person, visitors can tour through the vastness of the lake for 30 minutes. If the number of passengers in under ten people, then the water bus has not departed. If passengers less than ten people, their income is too small. Who did not want to move right away from the pond and want to enjoy a night on the edge of the lake, visitors can spend the night at the inn. It's not a hotel or inn in Lake Sarangan much but quite enjoyable if you bring the family to stay. One of the inn near the lake is Pesanggrahan Songgolangit. Ponorogo regency inn owned and has ten rooms are rented Rp 45.000 - Rp 75.000 per night. Every weekend the number of visitors reached 2500. This amount in the calculation rendahh Ponorogo Regency through Tourism and Art. TWO KOLOMAN Delicious Nila Bakar Around the lake there are five shops offering grilled fish. What makes delicious, baked fish is a fish catches from the lake. They just burned the fish if there is order. Visitors may choose the desired fish. While waiting for the fish baked visitors can sit hunkered down to enjoy the lake breeze. The smell of grilled fish masakanan the nostrils of the kitchen was inviting a hungry stomach. About ten minutes later, grilled tilapia fish dishes were presented with Lalapan plus sambal and rice. No one beat the pleasure of outdoor dining with a plate of fresh grilled fish. The price was not expensive installed. One prosi indigo fuel Rp 5,000. "Spice grilled fish, cook it like a grilled fish generally. Famous Durian. Traveling to Lake Ngebel, it was not enough to just enjoy the natural beauty and serving grilled fish tilapia. Ngebel lake has the potential of agriculture and plantation as a producer of fruit. Can be found here durian, mangosteen, and pundung. Fruits can be found during the rainy season or around December to March. Once the fruit season to come, visitors from outside the city are usually crowded streets where the durian, mangosteen, and pundung sold. The price is cheap enough to make visitors always come back when the fruit season. Durian, for example. Fruit size bbisa enjoyed at Rp 4000 - Rp 5000. In fact, if the durian Ngebel have been taken down and sold on the street Ponorogo-Madison, the price could reach two-fold. While durian season, farmers in the area of Lake Ngebel can smile more broadly. Almost every farmer has a durian tree in her garden. This can boost family income.

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