Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Karangnini Beach

This tourism object is located in the Village Emplak, Sub KALIPUCANG ± 83 km from the city to the south Ciamis. Along the road from the gate to the location, you'll enjoy the coolness of teak forests with wild rhythms. Not only that, in some parts of this road would be served in the distant panorama of the beach with background Anakan Sagara. It was an unforgettable sight when you arrive at the weather. Before reaching the beach you will find Virtual Library is managed by Perhutani Ciamis District. You several types to choose from. With tariffs / night that you can enjoy relaxing with a quiet atmosphere with a stunning panorama of the beach. It lay on the beach rocks, one of which resembles a grandmother (nini in Sundanese) who were waiting for the grandfather, so this place is called Karangnini Coast.

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