Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia is a family resort is environmentally sound and wildlife habitat-oriented in nature.
This park is located in two locations. Indonesia Safari Park is located in the Village I Cibeureum Sub Cisarua, Bogor Regency. While Indonesia Safri Park II is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, PRIGEN, East Java.
Taman Safari Indonesia I was built in 1980 at a tea plantation which was not productive. The park is a buffer Gunung Gede National Park Pangrango. This park is situated at an altitude of 900-1800 m above sea level, and has an average temperature of 16 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Tiger in Taman Safari
This park has been designated as National Tourism Object by Soesilo Sudarman, Minister of Tourism Post and Telecommunication of the time. Furthermore, this park also has inaugurated a Rare Animal Breeding Center in Indonesia by Hasyrul Harahap, Minister of Forestry at the time, on March 16, 1990.
Safari Park has a collection of animals from almost all over the world and also the local wildlife, such as Komodo, Bison, Black Bear Honey, White Tiger, Elephant, Anoa and others.
Status of land ownership under the authority of the Safari Park Foundation is also the owner and manager of tourism destinations.

Performing Elephant Safari Park with a giant wheel background
Facility located at Taman Safari Indonesia is a bus safari, artificial lakes, water bikes, canoes, swimming pool with a wave slide, a miniature train through the African-style villages, bird park, babby zoo, Ferris wheel, helter elephant, saddle horses, comedy Swivel, circus performances, gocart area, children's play ground, car bomb bomb, devil's house, traditional arts and magic in the open stage

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