Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rat Island,(Pulau Tikus)Bengkulu,Indonesia

Rat island located west of Bengkulu city at a distance of about 10 KM from the city center. Rat Island is surrounded by reefs and rich biological resources that have been defined as a forest tour with Minister of Forestry Decree No. 602/Kpts-II/1991. Potential fauna present in the form of coral ecosystems and marine biota. White sandy sea conditions at night into the habitat hawksbill and green turtles which went ashore to lay their eggs. In the sea area are safe locations for sea diving activities, with clear water and beautiful rock is a choice place to attract marine tourism. In addition, Rat Island is also very suitable visited by the tourists who like fishing, because there are around the island rocks inhabited by various species of fish. Island rat is a small coral island located in the west of Bengkulu City.To reach this travel attractions that can be gone for about 30 minutes from the coast of Bengkulu City Padri Tread using fishing boats. The local fishermen in addition to providing boats for hire are also ready to guide the tourists visiting the island rat. In the past, Rat Island is where the ships anchored for shelter from storm waves Ocean Indonesia. Extensive island about 100 yards 60 times. On the island there is also a beacon tower. Rat Island is one of the objects that have been programmed to be managed and reliable object to attract tourists especially pleased with panoramic ocean floor, diving and fishing.

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