Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Batuhiu Beach,

Located in the Village District Ciliang Parigi, ± 14 km from Pangandaran to the south. Landscape has a very beautiful. From the small hill overgrown trees Pandan Wong, we see blue ocean waves pounding of Indonesia with a white roll. Approximately 200 meters from the beach there is a pile of rocks that resembles a shark, that's why this place called Batu Hiu. Beach breeze with our current release at the ocean view or a stretch of coast extending east to Pangandaran. You can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the beach with a walk on a shady hill, or sit back with family. Even if you can not swim because the waves are big enough, you can still walk on the beach enjoying the simbahan foam that came with butih surf Batuhiu. Do not forget to bring a souvenir as a gift for the family at home you can get in the Batuhiu.

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