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Badut Temple,Indonesia

Badut temple is located in Hamlet Gasek, Desa Karang Besuki, Kesamatan Dau, Malang regency of East Java Province. Clown temple is located at the foot of Gunung Kawi. Badut temple is a relic believed to Gajayana King, ruler of the kingdom Kanjuruhan as embodied in the inscription of AD 760 Dinoyo years.

Temple Structure

Badut is a temple complex surrounded by a fence enshrinement wall, but now has lost. Location of the temple is not in the center of the temple yard. Located in the lowlands, at the level 508 meters above sea level. This temple is made of andesite stone materials with the length of 17.27 meters, 24 meters wide and 8 meters high. Temple doors west. At the entrance to the temple room decorated Kalamakara.

In terms of temple architecture has similarities with the Badut temples in Central Java to a bad period-to-8 to 10 AD, in particular we can see the resemblance in the Dieng plateau region as Gedong Songo. From the legacy of the foundation remains of three temples perwara (small temples surrounding the temple of Mother), indicate if the temple is a complex Badut enshrinement.

Strong suspicion that the temple is the temple premises Badut Architectural style transition from Central Java to East Java. The possibility also an evidence of the transfer center of the kingdom to the east. In this connection, the scholars tend to connect the story to move east Holing kingdom around the year 740 AD. Then mean that the king of the dynasty sanjaya off to the east because of urgency by Sailendra dynasty. Area in question is probably around Malang now.

The foot

Morphologically, the foot of the temple consists of perbingkaian lower body and legs but legs perbingkaian the BAdut temple has only lower frame legs and body. Frame consists of pelipi below average, while the foot of the temple of the body composition of flat bricks, plain and have no decoration at all. At the front of the temple there are steps up to the booth decorated with carvings of the temple, on the south steps are kinarakinari relief fragment (human-headed creature of Heaven bodied birds play a rebound in charge of the Heavenly music). Before entering the chamber hall of the temple there pradaka sinaptha around with.

Body parts

Body of Badut Temple greater than height. On the outer wall of the temple body found niches in which there is a statue. But among all the statues were only statues of Durga are Mahesasuramardhini remaining. Durga Mahesasuramardhini (north alcove), Shiva as the Grand Master or Agastya (usually located in the south niche), whereas in the eastern niche containing a statue of Ganesha bias. These niches have kara makara frame. On the left side of the entrance right there small recesses of the viewer and Nandiswara Mahakala. Fields beside the niches were filled with decorative flower pattern.

The roof of the temple has been destroyed, leaving only the first layer is not complete. According to the results of reconstruction has ever done, was part of the roof of the temple consists of two levels that are similar to the body of the temple, but more to the smaller and covered with a top gem. Decoration found on the roof of antefix.

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