Saturday, October 10, 2009

Serampang Dua Belas Dance,

Tari Serampang Dua Belas are the traditional dances that flourished under Serdang. This dance was created by Sauti the 1940s and repeated by its creator composed between the years 1950-1960. Before named Serampang Twelve, this dance called Dance Island Sari, in accordance with the accompanying title song of this dance, the song Sari Island. At least there are two reasons why the name changed Sari Island Dance Serampang Twelve. First, the name Sari Island inappropriate because this dance bertempo fast (quick step). According to Tengku Sinar Mira, a dance that preceded the word "island" is usually bertempo rumba, like Dance and Dance Kampai Island Princess Island. Twelve Serampang while having fast motion like bertempo Serampang Sea. Based on this, Island Dance Sari more appropriately called Twelve Serampang. The name itself means twelve dances with the fastest movements in the song called Serampang. Second, naming Twelve Serampang motion refers to the variety tarinya totaling 12, namely: the first meeting, love permeate, keeping love, crazy drunk, a gesture of love, return gesture, thought, still can not believe, answers, areca-woo, take bride, and meeting you. Twelve Serampang pure love story about two young men who emerged from the first view and ends with a marriage sanctioned by both the parents and the girl cadet. Because telling the meeting of two hearts, then this dance is usually played in pairs, male and female. However, in the early development of this dance is only performed by men because of the condition of society at that time forbade women to appear in public, let alone show lenggak-body sway

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