Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grave Pilgrimage Tourism Object Prince Samudro

Grave Pilgrimage Tourism Object Prince Samudro better known as "MOUNTAIN Kemukus" always interesting to be described. The things that makes this attractive tourism object is a view of the pros and cons of Interior Prince Samudro itself and the story circulating in the community. There are 2 (two) paradigms that developed in the community about the tomb of Prince Samudro or Mount Kemukus. First, the belief in some communities that if want a blessing or a petition granted, then the people who came to the tomb of Prince Samudro must perform ritual sex with the opposite sex who is not husband or wife during 7 (seven) times in one eight (1 eight = 35 days). This negative paradigm needs to be clarified so that the pilgrims do not get stuck in the paradigm and a false belief. Each pilgrims or visitors who want a petition or pleading shall be granted his wish to God the Almighty, to pray and try on the right path. Second, a pilgrimage to the tomb of Prince Samudro or Mount Kemukus is a ritual activity that contains a given value of virtue and nobility of soul service of diziarahi figure. With the pilgrimage at the site, people are expected to always be mindful of death so that in everyday life they are more closer to God Almighty and always do good in accordance with the nobility of spirit and example of the figure.

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