Saturday, October 31, 2009

Popoh Beach,Tulungagung,East Java,Indonesia

Popoh Beach, is a tourist attraction located on the coast of the Indian Ocean coast Tulungagung district, East Java, Indonesia. This beach is one of mainstay attractions Tulungagung. Popoh located roughly 30 km south of the city Tulungagung. Popoh area in the east end of South Mountain. Popoh beach is a beach that has been developed well by the PR Retjo clubs. Popoh access to the beach is within a safe and comfortable through the asphalt road. Bay-shaped beach is thus created an atmosphere typical of the atmosphere inside. The water is quite calm, the sea breeze is not so strong, and the beauty of the mountains surrounding the bay has become a major attraction of this beach Pantai Indah Popoh (PIP) is the natural shape of the Gulf Coast (Gulf Coast) in the South Sea (Indonesia Ocean) which has its own charm and uniqueness and this condition is rare in the region - other coastal areas, thus giving a sense of comfort, safety, and desire to come back day trips for tourists. Uniqueness charm PIP include:
Air / wind is typical PIP was among the hills bay shore (extending into the mainland) so that the sea breeze that came not directly enter the hills, but accepted the mountain wind that sends. quiet beach waves Because of the geographical position into the beach, the waves influence the South Sea which became notorious soft and calm. This condition allows for tourists to mingle and travel along the Pantai Indah Popoh safely without disturbed violent and dangerous waves south.
Relay of view So that the tourists can enjoy the fierce, and the beauty of South Sea waves,
provided sanctuary to watch and enjoy the waves with a safe and comfortable and clean.
Benefits of seawater For most people believe that sea water is efficacious. In particular sea water which is believed from the South Sea resorts this Kidul.Hal q_saja with built Palereman Nyai Roro Kidul area of Padhepokan Retjo Sewu. Legends and spiritual way, many of the tourists who come to be unwashed face with sea water. The miracle are long life, youth, easy to get benefits, healthy, harmonious family.
Natural Cave Not all the South Sea coast has a natural cave, Cave of Nature that gave satisfaction to the tourists can directly touch and enjoy the fierce and beautiful Ocean and Indonesia are free to enjoy the attractions near whales mingle in the middle of the South Sea.

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