Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kedung Ombo

Kedung Ombo (WKO) is one of the largest dam ever built by the government. Reservoirs that were constructed in 1980 and completed in 1991 is located in the 3 (three) districts, namely Sragen Regency, Regency Boyolali, and Grobogan District. Kedung Ombo was built at the confluence of the Serang River Uter and located in Hamlet Kedungombo Ngrambat Village, Sub Geyer, Grobogan District. Kedung Ombo region has an area of 6576 ha of land comprising an area of 2830 ha water and land area of 3746 ha of land. WKO new limited utilization for irrigation, hydropower, fisheries, and is now being developed is the development potential in tourism WKO. WKO existence not only benefit the three districts genangannya area, but also for other regions. For example, areas that have irrigation services from, among others WKO Demak, Kudus and Pati. Even WKO water also serves some drinking water needs in the city of Semarang. DEVELOPMENT STAGES WKO In the past, WKO existence can not be separated from the negative impression that attached to it. Negative impression that comes from the dam construction. Many people who would be harmed because the homes and villages which they live should be sunk to serve as a puddle area Kedung Ombo. For them, a mirror WKO injustice during the New Order government, which among other redress related to land and human rights violations. When it probably never occurred in the public mind that the development Kedung Ombo will provide great benefits for the development and progress in these areas, and increasing public welfare. Given the area around the arid WKO so it is not support for the community's economy. As a result, the condition of the surrounding community WKO generally poor. WKO development progress that has been achieved in this period may have never thought of before the public. Various potential by Kedung Ombo area has a lot of used and developed. Currently, Sragen Regency Government is working to optimize WKO potential to empower communities and improve the surrounding community's economy. WKO area development concept based on the natural potential by taking into account the preservation of nature. This development concept aims to increase tourist attraction as well as improving the welfare of local residents without leaving the natural konvervasi effort, whether land, water, or air. Thus, conservation may be consistent with the increase in welfare

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