Thursday, December 31, 2009

Badik Tumbuk Lada from Riau,Indonesia

A type of traditional weapons of the Riau Islands. At the base of the glove there bonjolan Pepper Mash round selalunya decorated with a carved inscription. This holster selalunya overlaid with silver pieces carved with intricate patterns.

Pepper mashed blade length of about 27 cm to 29 cm. The width of the blade approximately 3.5 cm to 4 cm. From the middle of the blade to the base is a deep groove.

Besides kris, Pepper Mash in ancient times was also one of the completeness of custom clothes in the Riau Islands, Deli, Peninsula Land Siak and Malays.

Pepper used mashed stabbing, slicing and stabbing in close combat. He should be held with the two types of grip that is with the eyes upwards or downwards eyes.

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