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Palembang Traditions Wedding from Palembang,South Sumatera,Indonesia

Palembang wedding traditions

It is said, rituals and traditions wedding customs of Palembang is one of the symbols that reflect the majesty and glory of the dynasty Srivijaya kings centuries ago. Golden glow and a symbol of luxury and grandeur seen from traditional ceremonies that included some golden ornaments and silk fabrics, both for equipment application procession, seserahan, until the time of marriage. Sparkling golden color is also a focal point following the bride fashion beauty accessories. Here are some traditional rituals that accompany traditional wedding Palembang:

1. Madik

In the tradition madik prospective groom's family visited the prospective bride's house to meet and make observations of the state of prospective bride and her family.

In this tradition would be groom usually send the trust of the mother or the father's relatives would be groom who can give accurate information. Envoys visited while to see if prospective bride is fit and proper to be a partner to be groom. It is also important to note the origin and lineage of each and whether the woman was not targeted anyone who ask for her hand.

Some tenong or round-shaped songket made of woven bamboo, as well as several songket tenong rectangular shape covered with batik cloth embroidered with gold thread containing foods, such as: butter, eggs, sugar delivered to the prospective bride's hand as the fruit is not official .

2. Menyenggung

This tradition is a sign of the seriousness of the prospective groom. Like madik, the prospective groom menyenggung also sent a close relative and confidant to discuss the agreement and set the date for applying for the next arrival. Fruit hand also carried similar madik like tenong or songket and some food.

3. Meminang atau melamar

Be groom's family and the people who sent and other close relatives to come to the bride's family's house to woo her. The delegation explained the purpose and aim to woo with the fruit of her hands and when an application is received the delivery of the goods delivered and then followed by Kato decide or determine the day and their wedding date.

Delivery or brought gegawan include a cloth-wrapped in a handkerchief placed over a tray, following 5 tenong contain sugar, wheat, juadah, fruits and so forth. Number of songket or tenong always odd. More luggage in the form of fabrics, clothes, scarves, jewelry tools, bags, cosmetics, slippers, shoes and sebagianya. Also accompanied by banana bunch as a symbol of prosperity.

4. Berasan and mutus

Consulted to determine the two families into one big family on both sides and the family decided to set an agreement about the day, date and year of marriage. Parties who come are usually the bride's family and close 9 women with a tenong.

Envoy who represented his spokesman deliver beautiful words sometimes in the form of verse. Next the delegates to the rope binding the ceremony the family, namely by taking a pile of tobacco sasak bun (bun) and distributed to the delegates and families. Both sides chewing betel with tobacco, which means that both families have been bound together to become one family.

Fruit hand usually carried tenong, trays, songket rectangle, one shirt and a silk scarf, senting, slippers, sandals, shoes, makeup, cosmetics, accompanied fruits and bunch of bananas.

5. Akad Nikah / Marriage

Just as the ceremony and marriage in general, this event was attended by relatives and family friends of both families. Submitted dowry usually jewelry or other items in accordance with what is requested by the woman's family and the man agreed. The groom brought into the room, then led the implementation of the prince of the ceremony.

6. Mengarak Pacar

This event is a symbol that the bride receives her husband's personal recognition and balance, as if the bride say, at this point my husband and I took all kusambut edict and my duty as the queen of good household.

The procession of the groom's family entourage arrived at the home of the bride. The delegation was welcomed by the bride's mother. The elder woman was ready with a small bowl of rice sown (sow rice mixed coins) to spread to the groom and his entourage.

Equipment used, among others such as boats decorated beautiful ornaments, colored lights, musical instruments percussion, heirloom keris, trays and gold silk.

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