Thursday, December 31, 2009

Batar Hamis Ceremony from Belu,NTT,Indonesia

Batar Hamis ceremony is one of the activities carried out by the Belu people, led by its Indigenous Elders welcomed picking season harvest of corn or maize, as an expression of gratitude and thanks to the Creator.
Hamis according to the local language means means batar sukur and corn. Society believes that the results of corn they are going to get a gift of the Creator. Gratitude is realized by presenting the best corn crop to the Almighty.
Before the ceremony began the family heads down to their garden to pick a corn youngest and most beautiful. After that they gathered at the ceremony and held the selection of the best corn. The best corn and then placed in troman (great post), made of stone pile surrounded by small stones to put another good corn.
After all the rocks covered with baby corn, Chairman of Indigenous and lead prayer offerings of corn to the Creator and pleaded with useful harvested corn. After the prayers, the ceremony continued with the corn-corn spread throughout the garden to offer to the Lord of the Land, Foho Norai, which has given the fertility of the soil and corn.
The ceremony was followed by batar babulun, removal of the tree intact corn, to be taken to the village and tied to each pole of the great timber according to function, namely KARAU sarin (for raising cattle), Fahi ahuk (for breeding pigs), and fatuk ( for older people or customary ektua).
Along with the ceremony held batar fohon, namely cutting the fruit stem of corn into 12 pieces to be submitted to the Chairman of the Indigenous, and then Chairman of the Indigenous determine core performance time.
Hamis core batar ceremony itself is the process of offering offerings / corn has good burn then peel and put into storage bushel of corn is called hane honor to be offered in places that are considered sacred (We Lukik, Rai Bot, etc.).
Corn in the combustion process, fire is used is a special fire that Tofu is made by Hi indigenous leader by rubbing a piece of red rock with a piece of iron with powder from the palm tree. Arson carried out by three fireplace accompanied with prayers by the head of customs.

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