Thursday, December 31, 2009

Balian Ritual from Kalimantan,Indonesia

Balian ritual in Central Kalimantan, Dayak society is more reliable as a means of communication between citizens Dayak tribes with the ancestors or the ancestors. Balian Kalteng ritual is performed using other than verbal means are also often offered or performed by an intermediary of the art movement that dances Ritual Balian also often known as Balian Dance.

Balian Dance Ritual or citizens are often held in the Central Kalimantan Dayak particular moment with quite diverse purposes such as repellent reinforcements, cure diseases, ward cleaning rituals (mamparasih quadrats / lewu) and the customary rituals of others.

Balian ritual is usually led by a "trainer" who is better known in Central Kalimantan Dayak community as "Basir". Basir was appointed from the elders of the indigenous Dayak people Kalteng since believed to have the ability to communicate with the ancestors so that all the "message" or the desired intent can be conveyed. In communications, a Balian Basir usually use language Sangiang Dayak (Dayak Oldest Language in Central Kalimantan).

In Ritual Execution Balian often accompanied various traditional musical instruments such as the Central Kalimantan Dayak tribes Gandang, Garantung, etc.. So that in every implementation or Dance Ritual Balian Balian Dayak in Central Kalimantan is also said to display a high-value art and full of dynamic elements.

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