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dugderan Tradition from Semarang,Central Java,Indonesia

Dugderan is a celebration of community tradition Semarang one day before the coming of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Formerly Muslim community in Semarang specify the start day of fasting often vary from one to another. These differences concern the authorities, so that Semarang regent at that time occupied by RMTA Purbaningrat in 1891 ventured to define the start day of fasting. Before the implementation of rituals in the mosque dugderan implemented Kauman carnival procession starts dugderan of Page Hall.
As a sign that the fast start of the next day, the Great Mosque bedhug in Semarang and the cannon in the courtyard sounded Kanjengan 3 times (Office of the Regent, now transformed into shops and cinemas Kanjengan Theater).
With this cannon menggemanya the voice of Semarang and surrounding communities know that the beginning of the fasting of Ramadan will take effect tomorrow morning, so that people do not hesitate to do it. Because the combination of these sounds, drum sound "thump-thump-thump" and the cannon "der-der-der" the people of Semarang called tradition as "dugderan".
After the gun sounded, gamelan County immediately struck, followed by gising-gising free until the evening.
The atmosphere is also rang with food vendors, merchants and entertainers toys tiban, as well as visitors from various parts of the city tumplek bleg populist entertainment department. No lag and warak gangsingan seller ngendhog.
Toys warak Ngendhog is typical toys that appear once and only present at the celebration dugderan tradition, with a shape resembling a goat's body and serpent-shaped head. According to the legend of this animal is the combination of animals and mythical Chinese dragon Buroq from Arabic, in other words warak ngendhog as a symbol of unity of various ethnic groups in Semarang, since the city established this Pandanaran Ki Ageng many ethnic Chinese live.
Celebration of this dugderan tradition is still preserved and dugderan traders focused on the Polder Tawang.

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