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Saro Saro Tradition from Ternate,Maluku,Indonesia

Saro-Saro is a form of prayer or a request that its rituals and philosophical meaning in the tradition of community life Ternate. Joko Kaha or "stepped on the land" is a type of Ternate tradition to perform the ritual on the ground first. While Eating a traditional meal, according to tradition and customs procedures are carried out since hundreds of years ago.
Request or prayer written in the form of food and served at the bride is presented by the mothers of the mother's sister and brother of the bride's father is in a language called Ternate: Goa Yaya se (custom seatorang). Because Yaya a brother of Goa from the mother and the father of the bride; the first part responsible for before and after the implementation of this marriage and the second is the early introduction and from both families.

Food forms (Saro-Saro) in the marriage ceremony.

The materials in the form of a complete food in a ceremony Saro-Saro a marriage consists of:

1.Bubur Sirikaya:
Darii made chicken eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaf extract. Understanding philosophy; Sirikaya a gentle sweet taste and sweetness of manners as is expected of both families.
2.Kobo (Ketupat Buffalo):
Amounted to four or three. Understanding philosophy; Animals buffalo strong, diligent and faithful are expected to be the nature of the husband who took responsibility for the ark of the household.
3.Nanasi (Ketupat Pineapple):
Amounted to four or three. Pineapple fruit is neat and lekuknya studded grand berartistik which is a crown above it, have a thick skin, have thorns, and it is very good, it is expected to be the nature of the wife is unfaithful yan keep households, hold from the temptations and loyal to her husband.
4.Jaha (Pali-Pali) which consists of ten pieces posted and neatly arranged on a plate to symbolize the naval forces of Ternate in the past that is always alert ready to fight to defend his country's sovereignty.
Mung Bean 5.Bubur (Gule-gule Tamelo) presented represents the agricultural wealth of Ternate in abundance.
Eggplant 6.Ikan and placed in a dish and the head and stem of the eggplant If facing the head of the table (the bride). Fish and eggplant is a symbol of life of men and women in indigenous communities Ternate. Fish and Eggplant is usually presented in 4 kinds of spices which is usually referred to; Bonci Doda, Doda Rica, Doda Doda Pickles and Ketchup.
7.Boboto (often also called BOTO-BOTO) 4 pieces of meaning that at first people on the island of Ternate Momole under the power of four, so that within a custom food package is presented to four people, should not exceed or be less tida.
8.Agi, (Sop Gulai) which symbolizes the abundant marine wealth.

After Saro-Saro was conducted, following the next event is Joko Kaha or Tanal Injak which also contains its own philosophy, namely:

Fartago Grass 1.Segenggam placed on a plate that represents the earth and the plants in this Kieraha Moloku touched and explored both families.
2.Sebotol sprayed water on the feet symbolizes the bride of the water, rivers and sea in Kieraha Moloku was explored by both spouses.
3.Pupulak the colored rice: white, yellow, red and green symbolize the various tribes in Kieraha Moloku, may be friends and acquaintances of both families.
After the second event was completed for both spouses. The mothers or Yaya Goa served as traditional foods of the food types mentioned above.

The shape and type of material for Saro-Saro baby hair Razor event, circumcision and Khatam Qur'an.

Saro-Saro to the baby's hair shaving, circumcision children served only materials Saro-Saro as below:
1. Sirikaya porridge.
2. Kobo diamond.
3. Nanasi diamond.
4. And accompanied by materials for Joko Kaha, such as:
a. Fartago grass.
b. Pure Water bottle.
c. Rice Pupulak.
5. As for equipment to shave baby's hair:
a. Razor or hair scissors.
b. Mirror and Comb.
c. Young coconut water is still in the young coconut has been decorated with colorful and fragrant oils.

As for snacks for the implementation of the baby's hair shaving or circumcision of children, presented after the invitation of the family, neighbors, priests, and the traditional leaders and tahlil finished sukuran prayer before meals are served atatau custom cakes.

Destination Saro-Saro held the baby and the child at vaktu hair shaving and circumcision, if if the baby or the adult child after the marriage process (due to run off or otherwise) that are not held Saro-Saro was not a problem anymore (due to load custom) because they have been through the process of Saro-Saro as a baby or child.

Food at Saro-Saro to the Khatam Qur'an, consist of:

Ginger tubers 1.Satu tree (from the leaf stem to the roots) is placed in a cup of sugar.
2.Tebu carved and decorated forms of birds, airplanes neatly assembled in some form of assembly.
Orange 3.Buah neatly arranged in some form of assembly.
Pomegranate 4.Buah neatly arranged in some form of assembly.
Tercanang Box 5.Pinang and assembled in a few pieces assembled, and
Cigarette 6.Batangan also arranged in the form of several assemblies.
After the child had executed Khatam Qur'an scripture readings of the Qur'an in front of the audience and after prayers and accompanied by the relevant child serving disaro with candied ginger to chew sand was concerned. Understanding; taste spicy taste of ginger was forged when the child in learning to read the Qur'an, but after the seal of the feelings of the child such as sugar cane. Oranges and pomegranates are also picture the child's feelings. While nut, betel leaves and cigarettes are a parent favorite.

After the child is disaro with ginger and sugar, then congratulations dibacalah prayer. Then sugar, lemon, pomegranate, nut, betel leaves and cigarettes were distributed by the executor to khatam Quran yan invitation to attend, including spectators who participated witnessed the proceedings. Then, only then the executor invitations and guests are served with traditional foods according to the implementation of the seal.

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