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Rumah Panggung Kejang Lako from Jambi,Indonesia

Rumah Panggung Kejang Lako is home communities Bathin Clan, a tribe originating from the mountains west of the Bukit Barisan (West Sumatra). These tribal people hold fast to the noble values of its culture. Steadfastness in holding cultural values reflected in their loyalty to maintain the tradition inherited by their ancestors from generation to generation, such as houses on stilts to preserve Lako spasms that characterizes Bathin Marga society.

Many traditional houses left by predecessors Marga Batin, which is still standing strong, even though the building has hundreds of years old. One of them is building Lako House Stage seizures contained in Kampung Rantau Panjang and lowland, which until now has been 300 years old.

To preserve the existence of Seizures Lako House Stage, Jambi Province Local Government confirmed this building as a typical custom home communities Jambi. To support these efforts, the architectural style of building government offices in Jambi Province adopted Lako Seizures construction, as contained in the governor's office, department offices, district offices, and museums.

B. Privileges

Home seizures by the Marga Lako Bathin typology constructed stage house building rectangular. The average size of the buildings built in the 9 mx 12 m by using a lot of wood grown Ulim in Jambi area. To assemble the timber in the home, community Marga Bathin traditional techniques rely on, such as engineering pedestal, connect the hook, and hooks using pegs.

The uniqueness of the building houses on stilts located on Lako Seizures construction structures and carvings that adorned the building. Building construction consists of several parts, such as:

* Bubungan / roof built like a boat with the upper end of the ridge upward folding is often called a spasm, or cut jerambah.
* Beams form the roof top which serves to prevent rain water does not enter into the house.
* Penteh, this section serves as a place to store objects that are rarely used.
* Tebar screen, this section serves as a wall covering the space that held seepage / tempias rain.
* Pelamban an additional building that used to waiting rooms for new guests arrived before being allowed by the host.
* Masinding / wall, made of carved boards.

Stage door at the home of seizures Lako 3 door, namely: door upright, masinding door, and cross back door. This house also has two steps, namely: the main staircase on the right there is pelamban and penteh ladder used to ascend to penteh.

Pole stage house numbered 30 Lako seizures consisting of 24 main poles and 6 poles pelamban. The main pillar 4.25 m in length that serves as a milestone to support the framework. In addition as the support, the pole was also functioning as a separator between one space with another room into 8 parts. The room names are pelamban, gaho space, masinding room, living room, behind the transverse space, space behind the menalam, upstairs / penteh, and basement / Bauman.

The building houses on stilts Lako seizures become more beautiful with a wide range of decorative carved motifs characteristic of Jambi community. Motif carvings on the stage house was inspired by a variety of flora and fauna. For flora motifs include motifs BUNGO promontory (promontory of interest), mangosteen calyx, and Bungo orange (orange flower). Motif BUNGO usually carved on the headland masinding / front wall, while the motive mangosteen calyx usually carved on the top of the entrance. For BUNGO orange motif carvings, carved on the outside of rasuk (belandar) house. Meanwhile, fauna motifs carved using only one motif carving alone, the fish motif. Fish motif carved on the sill (window) gaho and the back door across.

C. Location

Stage house Marga Bathin Lako Seizures are in Rantau Panjang and Kampung lowland, Sub Veil, Merangin District, Jambi Province, Indonesia.

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