Thursday, December 31, 2009

Menulude Tradition from Sangihe Talaud,Sulawesi,Indoensia

TULUDE or derived from MENULUDE: Suhude which means starting Tulude meaning hentar or release means Menulude mean menghentar or release event is MENULUDE Traditional worship / praise DUATA / RUATA, Give thanks for the protection Genggonalangi, Apply for a future life of prayer is protected by Genggonalangi.

Menulude is one of the Sangihe ceremonies held at each end of the month of January (January 31 that it is also Birthday Sangihe District) to be grateful for the blessings of God in the past year and ask the blessing and forgiveness of sins as a preparation to live in the new year. In this ceremony should attend the customary or government elders with all the people. The procedure menulude ceremony are:

Pick-up ceremony of the traditional elders (the Government) Mendangeng sake (meaning the Regional Literature welcome custom ride home) Menahulending Continents and Government (the blessing and prayer mohonpengampunan) Sasalamate (Thanksgiving and praise) Memoto tamo (Cake Cutting Ceremony) party people featuring local arts attractions .

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