Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pasalonreng Tradition from Sulawesi,Indonesia

This tradition comes from Pasalonreng Maros Regency normally done once every 3 years, after the harvest. This tradition involves 36 people, two of them are main characters, namely salonreng, played by a woman, and serebandang played a man.

Typically, this rite was preceded by a victim of slaughtering buffalo. At its peak, this ritual displaying a mystical scene, which is pierced themselves with Badik.

The dancers are not ordinary people, but the bissu consisting of the transvestites who have supernatural power. The bissu has an important position in the tradition of the ancient Bugis. Especially for traditional ceremonies.

Historically, the bissu this is the last fortress guarding the ancient Bugis tradition. They consist of the transvestites who has supernatural power, who control the language or languages Torilangi gods. So the bissu is believed to have the ability to communicate with the spirits of his ancestors and see the future.

The power of the bissu dance is seen in maggiri 'or stabbing dance, spiritual dance of the bissu. Not all transvestites can be bissu, because they are transvestites who get wangsit choice.
Culture of South Sulawesi is also rich in the game. Like a giant swing game, the poles made of tree nut.
Tradition and folk games are part of the wealth of a tribe. Because of that, he is conserved together with the existence of race itself. Like a game of tradition and the people in South Sulawesi.

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