Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merawale Tradition from Minahasa,Sulawesi,Indonesia

Merawale in Minahasa, a tradition of moving house without hereditary dismantled've rarely encountered. Communities in Bitung, Amurang, South Minahasa, there seems to maintain the tradition merawale.

Togetherness in social life with diwujutkan one merawale tradition. Both school children, youth and parents are involved in this tradition, regardless of social status.

Merawale, Moving Traditions
Merawale usually commanded by a person to a house or sabuah which are moved can be lifted more easily. Merawale is a symbol of innocence, togetherness without the engineering community in the social life in Minahasa.

People involved in merawale not paid in money but got a 'gratitude payment' from the owner of the house, one of the words terimaksih realized by serving drinks, cigarettes, coffee or cake bowsprit, onde onde and nasijaha.

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