Thursday, December 31, 2009

Traditional House from Papua,Indonesia

Honai - Rumah Adat Papua

Society of Papua custom house, or commonly called Honai.

Honai is typical Papuan house inhabited by the Dani people. Honai house made of wood with a conical roof made of straw or reeds. Honai has a small door and no windows. Actually, the structure was built Honai narrow or small and windowless aims to keep the cold mountains of Papua.

Honai consists of 2 floors of the first floor as a bed and the second floor for a place to relax, eat, and do crafts. Because built 2nd floor, high Honai has approximately 2.5 meters. In the middle of the house prepared a place to build a fire to warm themselves. Honai house divided into three types, namely for men (called Honai), women (called Ebei), and pig cage (called Wamai).

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